Food-Grade Tank Wash Deaf Smith County, TX

tank washerSanitization is paramount for food-grade tankers. At Superior Tanker Wash, we know this better than anyone! Our thoroughness and dedication to excellence is why customers from throughout the region make us their premier provider of food-grade tank wash in Deaf Smith County. With our expertise, equipment and keen understanding of the clean-out and sanitization process, we promise verifiable results that keep your tanker clean and safe.

Wash Types

There are several different approaches to a tank wash in Deaf Smith County, dictated by the type of product carried within your tanker. We’re certified for washes 1-4, which are as follows:

  • Type 1: This is a basic, customer-specified, discretionary potable water rinse between loads of the same food-grade product.
  • Type 2: This wash is for tankers hauling water-based food products. Tankers are washed with hot potable water above 160°F, then rinsed with a food-grade cleanser above 160F, and then rinsed with a low-temperature sanitizer.
  • Type 3/4: Tankers hauling water/oil or oil-based food products must have this wash, which consists of treatment with a food-grade degreaser solution, potable hot water, and a food-grade cleanser above 160°F. This wash is finished with low-temperature acid rinse and then a low temperature sanitizing rinse.
  • Organic: Any tankers hauling any food grade product needing organic wash- this consists of food grade degreaser solution, potable hot water, and organic food grade cleanser above 165°F, then an organic acid rinse above 160°F, and finished with an organic low-temperature sanitizer.

At Superior Tanker Wash, we mechanically wash the interior of your tanker trailer, sanitizing it to kill any and all pathogens that may be present. When you come to pick up your trailer, we’ll also provide you with documentation verifying your tanker has been sterilized, so you can go and pick up your next load.

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Sanitize Your Tanker

Superior Tanker Wash has experience dealing with all different types of tankers and loads, including milk, juice, canola oil, alcohol and a variety of other food-grade liquids. Let us provide you with the proper documentation and confidence in the cleanliness of your tanker you need to take on the next load. Reach us today at 806-344-7198 to schedule a wash.

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